Thursday, November 27, 2014

Teach's 5 Thankful Things on Thanksgiving #ShareGratitude

This is Teach ... I was finally able to get the keyboard away from mom long enough to write this post.  I wanted to let all of my readers know what I'm thankful for this week since we have been participating in the #ShareGratitude BlogHop.

There are many things I can list.

First on the list is treats ... really!  How can a dog not list treats ... they are so yummy.

Second is my family ... especially my mom!  She really is the best.  She's always taking me for fun hikes and going to shows and training.  Not to mention all the treats she gives (have I mentioned treats yet?).  My dad is pretty cool too and my little brother is just okay.  All together though I think we make a pretty awesome family.

Third is my friends.  I love being able to run and play with them.  We get all crazy and sometimes we do sit nice for pictures!

Fourth I'm thankful for my favorite cousin ... Madalynn.  Can't wait until she is able to walk around with food ... it'll be great!!!!

And last (because mom is wanting to keyboard back so I have to cut this short) is all the hikes and places I get to visit.  I live in a wonderful state that offers so many cool places to visit.  

Camp Creek State Park

Long Point Trail, New River Gorge National River

Across the street at our house.

Castle Rock Trail, Grandview Park

That concludes what I'm thankful for this year.  I want to thank our friends at Cascadian NomadsOz the TerrierLoved By A Collie, and Kitty Cat Chronicles. This has been a great Blog Hop!!