Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Pretty Dog Showing

I have decided to enter Tucker in an AKC Conformation show at the end of the month at the Eastern Tenn Collie Specialty.  This will be my first ever try at the "pretty dog showing" as I like to call it.  We have had lots to learn!  But have been practicing.

He looks so grown up and is only 6 months old!
I've learned that teaching Tucker to sit has been bad ... LOL!!  So now we have learned to stand and getting him to stop sitting automatically for everything.  He really did have a fast sit (and still does if you let him!).  But in defense of that he is going to be my next obedience dog and we are just doing this conformation for fun.  I grew up going to dog shows when they were held in our town so always enjoyed watching and thought it would be fun to actually be able to show a dog one day (besides in obedience and rally).  Now I've got a dog that can do it and that's kinda neat.

Stacking on a dock on our hike yesterday
There are very few collie people around me (especially ones that show conformation) so we have been doing online research, talking to his breeder and his littermate's owner to get tips on grooming.  Locally I have several friends that do show other breeds that have been helping me with the mechanics of gaiting and stacking and patterns.  They have been GREAT!!!!  Going as far as letting me borrow show leads and collars (who knew you couldn't use your obedience stuff!).  Like I said ... lots to learn.

Here is a few videos of us practicing.

Tucker is a very happy boy and tends to love everyone so should eat up showing with the attention.  Being a puppy and so happy I can see him being very wiggly for the judge.  He is use to being handled as we have worked with him on that since we got him.  

I ordered some grooming supplies this week.  Some chalk, shine spray, thickening spray, and scissors to take care of all those whiskers.  Who knew you had to do all that!  I really thought I could just show up ... haha!!  Goes to show what I know.  This isn't obedience anymore.

So we are going into this with the attitude that its all going to be for fun.  I didn't get Tucker to be a conformation dog, its just an added bonus of something I can do with him.  

If anybody has any tips for us please feel free to comment and share.  We love getting them!


  1. Good luck!
    BTW - add some baby powder to the chalk, it will make his coat feel less stiff when you chalk him!
    Need any advice, just let us know!

  2. Thanks for the tip on adding baby powder to the chalk. I had wondered what that did to the coat. If you have any other tips, throw them my way. I'm open to any and all suggestions because I'm totally new at this.