Friday, August 22, 2014

Writing Tails of Teach

I felt very honored and thrilled to be nominated by Marquie and Petal from Loved By A Collie for the Writer's Process Blog Tour.

Petal from Love By A Collie.  Photo belongs to Marquie.  Thanks for letting me use it!
Marquie was one of the first people to start commenting on my blog!  And of course having a Collie made me like her blog even more (how can I not be partial to a Collie!).  Marquie and Petal have been through a lot in the past two years and have stayed so strong while losing not one but two dogs (one which was her heart dog, Lassie) and both way too young.  She is an inspiration!!  Her pictures are so creative and original.  It makes me wish I had the creativity to take pictures like that.

For the Writer's Tour part of this post (besides gushing about Marquie and her awesome Collie) I have to answer 3 questions and introduce you to 3 different blogs (in my case I came up with 2).

Teach hanging out in the shade.

1. What are you working on? 
Well I have hit a wall in my blogging and lucky to get pictures posted these days its seems.  I have a lot of stuff going on in my head, but can't seem to get the ideas onto the screen.  I wish I could say that I have a whole sort of things planned out, but I really don't.  I pretty much just write what I feel like on the day the posts come out (and most of the time that's pictures).  Really wish I could pre-plan like so many people.  I guess to really answer the question properly is I'm working on trying to get more creative with my pictures (thanks Marquie for that inspiration!).

2. What do I write what I do?
Well I take pictures and post them more than I write (need to change this!).  Still share photos, but add more details and stories to go with them.  I'm taking the easy way out with sharing photos.  When I do write out stuff its about some adventure we have taken and I want to share that with everyone.

3. How does my writing process work?
This is easy ... there is no process.  Whatever picture I take the weekend before I share that up coming week.  LOL!!  So I guess that kinda is a process, just not a real thought-out process.

You're suppose to nominate 3 blogs now but I slacked and could only come up with 2 ... and that's better than none, right?

A Tail of Two Cardis

Wilson & Jimmy.  Photo belongs to Taryn at A Tail of Two Cardis.  Thanks for letting me use it!

These guys are awesome!  Wilson and Jimmy are two Cardigan Corgis that really love life!  Wilson offers some awesome Wordless Wednesday where all the title to all the pictures have W's in them.  Its so creative!!  And Jimmy is on an awesome trip to earn yet another Agility Championship.  Love reading about his adventures and seeing all of the pictures.  And I'm probably biased with them being a Herding breed and Corgis (remember Roxy who makes appearances on here ... Corgis have always held a special place in my heart).

Ryder & Kori from All Things Collie.  Photo belongs to Kathleen and thanks for letting me use  it!

I'm sure if you are a regular to my blog you aren't surprised I picked a Collie Blog!  How can I not pick an all Collie blog.  I was real excited when I found an all Collie blog and one that had Smooth Collies.  Love reading about their time in the show ring and the hiking trips they take.  Along with the great pictures of these gorgeous dogs.  These Collies are great ambassadors for our breed!  Kathleen also did a great series on the history of our breed and most recently about some of the health issues the Collies face and what's being done to make it better.

They should have their post up in one to two weeks so be sure and check them out.

Hope you've enjoyed the tour of our writing process.  And thanks again Marquie for inviting me to join.  And thanks to Taryn and Kathleen for accepting the invitation as well.

And not to leave out Tucker!


  1. We like your process, it's the same as mom's, there is none! BOL! A lot of mom's posts come out of the pictures she takes, and she takes a lot of them! Great post, thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for picking me! I am glad you enjoy my blog! Now I have a new topic to blog on! Yay!