Friday, July 4, 2014

Life With a Puppy

How soon you forget what its like to have a puppy in the house!  As I've said several times over the past two weeks ... its a good thing he's cute!

Just look at that face!
Training is going good.  We're taking it slow and doing a lot of play together for bonding and some sits, a little bit of heeling and learning how to stack (that is the hardest for me!).  Here we are working on our recall which is great at.  He comes running and leaps up into my arms!

Teach is a saint ... he puts up with a lot and Tucker dishes out a lot.  Sometimes we have to step in and tell Tucker enough because you can tell by the look on Teach's face he's had enough.  Most of the time Tucker listens and goes to play with something else ... but it only lasts so long ... you know Puppy ADD and all.

He growing and has changed a lot since the photo up there which is just a week old.  I can see his ears are getting bigger and his legs longer.  The ears are still taped and will stay that way until he's almost a year old.  At that point I hope its all worth it and they tip.  Having them taped doesn't bother him at all.  The only hindrance is he can't play with everyone because I don't want a random paw to get stuck in the string and yank them.  That wouldn't be good.  But only a few more weeks of being tied and then they will just be taped.

We're still having food issues and trying to get that sorted out.  He loves what he is eating but it doesn't seem to love him to much.  We may be going to something else in the near future to get that straightened out.  Right now its hit or miss.

House training is going so-so as well.  I think we've taken the upswing though and hope it stays.  I can say he is 99.9% crate trained so that helps.  He doesn't mess in it (unless I don't get up when he's crying which happened yesterday morning ... my fault!  Learned my lesson on that one!).  

Tucker does seem to enjoy hiking and has gone out with Teach a few times.  Last week we also went with Gabe.  

Here are a few pictures.

Watching the big dogs play!

Ready to head home


  1. He definitely is cute! I bet those looks help him get away with all kinds of mischief :)

  2. Such a cute boy. Glad everything is going well!