Saturday, June 21, 2014

Teach is an Excellent Big Brother

I always had a feeling that Teach would be a great big brother.  But he has really proven it with this little guy.  He is very tolerant especially when Tucker bites and chews on his legs and face.  The only time he gets aggravated is when Tucker has a bone that Teach wants.  And then he just stands over Tucker and barks real annoyingly at him which is funny because Tucker barks back.

This morning I took them both out in the yard to play.  We bought a 25' really light leash so Tucker could drag it around (we could still catch him although his recall is pretty good already) and be able to enjoy the yard without a "leash".

Working on our recall!

I know I cut his head off but I love the movement shot of him!

Working on our recall!

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  1. Tucker is adorable and it looks like Teach is being really good with him!