Thursday, June 12, 2014


Its been a while since I've done a real post (besides my regular picture posts on Sunday and Wednesday).  So I thought I would catch everyone up on our non-exciting life!  Really ... nothing exciting has happened (except for snakes!).

We have been keeping up with our hiking, that is until we came across a poisonous snake last Thursday.  That was pretty much the end of my "want" to hike ... LOL!  We did get this picture though.

Last Thursday my friend, Dee, and I left work early so she could go on the annual Quilt Shop Hop with my mom.  I wanted to get a hike in with Teach since we were home early.  Dee isn't a regular hiker so was excited to get out and see nature.  My plan was to take her on a fairly easy nice hike.  My plan was going good until we came across a suspicious looking snake.  Now, in my opinion every snake is a  "King Cobra Python Rattler".  Dee said "its probably just a harmless garter snake" ... I didn't care and to me it had a triangle shaped head!  LOL!!  So I started tossing sticks to see if I would just slither away since it was suppose to be harmless.  Well it wasn't budging so Dee decides, in her infinite wisdom, to get a stick and try and move it ... yea ... wrong move.  That thing curled up so fast and started hissing at her she said "I don't think its so harmless".  So I turned Teach around (I had him by the collar the whole time even thought he walked across it twice already) and we went back the way we came and found a different trail to take.  We didn't stick around to get a really good look and at first we thought it was a baby rattle snake, but the more I thought about it I think it was a copperhead.  We are lucky in WV to only have 2 types of poisonous snakes.  But I still don't like crossing paths with them.

So needless to say ... I'll be sticking to the more traveled paths or just hike in the winter ... LOL!!  NOT a snake person.


  1. There are very few things I miss about winter (so Mother Nature does not need to be in any hurry to bring winter back), but not seeing snakes on the trails is one of those things I miss terribly!

  2. I don't mind the harmless varieties of snakes at all, but I would be very unnerved by seeing a poisonous one, esp. with my dogs along.

  3. This gave me the creepy crawlies! I hate snakes and have been seeing a lot of them lately. Thankfully they've all been away from the actual trail and minded their own business and I'm fairly certain they were harmless. Doesn't stop me from cringing and walking faster though! Lol. Glad you guys were safe!

  4. If I know for a fact that a snake is harmless, then I am ok. Any uncertainty causes me to get the heebie jeebies, and want to be as far away as possible.