Monday, June 2, 2014

Positive Pet Training Blog Hop: Favorite Tricks

We're joining in on the the 6th installment of the Positive Pet Training Blog hop, hosted by Dachshund Nola,  Cascadian Nomads and Tenacious Little Terrier. This month's theme is favorite tricks.

I almost didn't join in as I think I've beat a dead horse (or dog in this case...LOL) with always posting about Teach's Bang Trick.  

But I decided that we have more tricks than just the bang trick (just none videoed).  And I would say that, yes, I've talked about that one a lot (it required the most training), but his favorite trick is "shake".  Its almost automatic when anyone goes to get him a treat he puts his paw up.  This trick he learned just weeks after joining our family.  And while I didn't use shaping for it I did use positive training for it.  Where I would grab his paw and say "shake" and then give him a bite of food.  We did this every morning for a week for him to get his breakfast.  And its stuck ever since.

Another form of shake that we do is "pick".  Where I hide my hands behind my back with a treat in one, and then tell him to pick which one.  

Teach giving his paw for a "shake"
Another we use a lot isn't what I would consider a trick, but I guess it could be and that is "over".  Teach loves to jump over things.  I formally taught "over" for Rally, but it has come in handy along the trail for pictures.

Another trick we use is "on".  Again, not sure if you would consider it a trick, but it works for getting some pictures I've wanted.

Even Roxy learned "on" for some pictures

This was the early stages of "on" and where we first started introducing it to him.
And here is a short video of us doing an "up" from a distance.  Its the same as "on" and I think I started with "up" but then switched to "on".  I know, probably something bad to do while training (switching the words) but it still works ... LOL!!  Thankful I have a smart and forgiving animal to work with.

There are a few other tricks that he knows in parts, but not formally finished.  I want to train some more (and finish some we have started), but it has turned into a winter time activity since we're stuck inside more.


  1. Tenacious Little TerrierJune 3, 2014 at 10:25 PM

    What other tricks are you working on? It seems the list never ends. One of my (many!) goals is to have Mr. N do a handstand at some point.