Thursday, January 30, 2014

Scenery Pictures

Its not a secret I got a new camera for Christmas and have had a blast taking pictures with it.  Today I want to share some of my scenery pictures I've taken.  (and one of Teach, of course)  The photos shown before are taken with the camera and then sent to my cell phone (through the Samsung SmartCamera App) and edited using Snapseed, which is a great photo editing program, I think.  Under each pictures I've stated where they were taken.

The clouds were so neat Sunday that I had to get a picture of them!  And the Snapseed program really brought out the blue enhancing the white clouds and white snow.

Camp Ground area Little Beaver State Park

Back yard
We went to Camp Creek State Park a few weeks ago because I wanted to try out my Waterfall Feature on my camera.  It did pretty good.  And of course editing with Snapseed (but the camera made the water smooth).
Cambell Falls Camp Creek State Park

Creek at Camp Creek

Marsh Fork Falls (with Teach) Camp Creek State Park
And this is my ol' faithful for testing my waterfall feature.  For this picture (different from other I have taken there) I used the self timer on a tri-pod.  The camera has to be held COMPLETELY still to get the water effect and I learned that everything else blurred when I pushed down the button to take the picture.  So this way it had 10 seconds to steady itself on the tripod before it took it.  Neat!!
Dam at Little Beaver State Park
If you look close at this one things around the waterfall were blurred as well

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  1. Wow, these are beautiful. The new camera was well worth it!

  2. Thanks so much for joining Barks and Bytes. I stopped by earlier, but your comment box wasn't working. Glad it is back. :) Those are absolutely beautiful pictures. I love them all.

  3. Thanks for coming by and I'm glad it started working again too. I thought adding Disqus would be good so I can reply to everyone and they will get a reply, but its been acting up lately and I'm rethinking this change.

  4. Thank you!! I have to agree about the camera.

  5. These are really beautiful!

  6. I like snapseed. What camera did you get? I love the waterfall effect.

  7. I actually like using Disquis to comment. I think at one time or another all the commenting pugins go haywire. Last week no one could use twitter to comment on wordpress blogs. No idea what the issue was.

  8. I got the Samsung Smart Camera. It has a lot of need installed features (like the waterfall effect) and also has a 21X optical zoom, which is nice.

  9. Really amazing photos. I'm camera phobic and i"m not sure if your pictures inspire me or intimidate me.

  10. These are absolutely stunning. Wow. I want your camera.
    I love Snapseed too.