Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year's Day Parade

California has the Rose Parade and West Virginia has the Shanghai Parade in Lewisburg.  Nothing alike except both are on New Year's Day.  This parade (we found out) has been going on since the Civil War time (so about 150 years).

It was such a nice day we decided to head to Lewisburg to see what this parade was like.  Until this week we had never heard of it.  Teach went along for the fun.  And for the first time we walked around and just about everyone knew he was a Smooth Collie.  Lewisburg seemed to be a very dog friendly town with lots of dogs along the parade route watching and also in it.  Even had a lady walking in the parade come over and ask his breed and commented on how beautiful he was.

My friend Laura rode her horse in it with a few other friends.  So it was fun getting to see people we knew.

Before the parade started we walked around an old Cemetery that is there in town.  Some dates on the tombstones dated back to 1776.  

Of course I took pictures ... ENJOY!!

Such a blue sky!

This would have been a huge tree.  The stone Church to the right has been around since the early 1800's

This tombstone is locally called the Angel of Death ... and she was creepy!

Waiting to start


We met Pepper the Newfoundland while we were walking around town before the parade started.  

Teach taking it all in

A little Bischon watching up the street from us

Teach did not like this guy!!  And if you look in the background there is a Goat!

See ... a Goat

Ramona riding Ace as Red Riding Hook and Laura as a Mountain Woman on a Mountain Horse

Jennifer as the pink Bunny and Selena as a Wizard


  1. Wow, it looks warm over where you are. It's freezing here!

    Looks like a fun parade. Happy new year!

  2. Beautiful pictures. I loved looking through them all. What a fun parade! I can't blame Teach for not liking the masked man, scary! Looks like he enjoyed himself otherwise, though! :D