Saturday, January 18, 2014

Flying Collie

Yesterday was a bit on the windy and snowy side, but it didn't stop us from hitting a short trail at our local state park, Little Beaver.  Of course I had my camera handy to get some pictures and had Randy there as well to help with some.

I like to keep Teach in some kind of shape and work on some of our Rally training while we are out and saw a good opportunity with the fence in the play ground.  I had him sit and wait on one side, got in position along side of the fence and had Randy call him.  I've taken pictures of him jumping in this spot a lot but he's always coming right at me.  This time I wanted to get him flying.  So what do you think?  He just needs a cape, right?

Something else you don't see around here to often is people actually ice fishing.  Its not been as cold as I would think for the entire lake to be frozen enough but people were out there on the lake anyway.  

Teach thinking they are crazy to be out there.
And because we were at Little Beaver I had to try out the waterfall setting on my camera ... one more time.  This time I used the self timer function so the only thing that is "smooth" is the water.  In the last pictures things in the background were blurred because the camera wasn't held completely still.  This was edited for color and contrast using SnapSeed App.

This afternoon we have our local awards dinner for the Kennel Club in the area.  Teach will be getting a plaque for obtaining is Rally Advance title this past show season.  I'll add a picture of Teach with his plaque when we get it.

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  1. I like to keep Beamer fit too. I also make him jump anything that I can. Too bad he recently developed the horrible habit of counter surfing! Teach totally needs a cape.