Monday, December 23, 2013

Weekend Recap ... First Day of Winter felt like Spring

We were fortunate enough to have spring weather on the first day of winter.  So Laura and I with the dogs and horses took full advantage of it.

Teach and I went to Little Beaver on Friday and did a nice hike.  It was 60 degrees and snow still on the ground.  There were blasts of cold air mixed with hot air with the front moving in.  Talk about a strange sensation!  Was shocked there wasn't more people around, but we didn't see anyone.

Old Rock Wall along the Railroad Grade Trail

Pausing for a break on the bridge

60 Degrees and snow!

Saturday Teach and I headed back to Little Beaver (it had actually been almost a month since we had been out there) and met Laura with  her crew and horses for a trail ride.  We were taking advantage for the nice weather.

Laura rode Ace and I had Dakota.  These guys did great crossing bridges and walking over the rough rocky terrain.  The Rocky Mountain Horse has proven to be a very brave, smart breed.  Teach had a blast running around with his two pals, Xander and Rasky.  Since we were on the horses we had teh dogs wearing their safety vests so people hiking (if we came across any) would know they weren't some random loose dogs.  Of course our dogs don't really run off either.  Unless there is a squirrel ... then the chase is on!

Several Bridge to cross ... horses didn't hesitate

Riding Dakota and Teach in his blaze orange

Some really tight fits.  Laura has her feet up to avoid losing a knee cap

This wasn't even the rockiest spot

Laura & Ace


Teach is kinda hidden
Sunday's weather was very nasty though with rain so we didn't get to go out and enjoy any adventures.  Just the normal chores of laundry and grocery shopping.  Hope everyone had a fun weekend!

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  1. What gorgeous scenery! It was 70 here on Saturday and 80 on Sunday. Crazy weather but rain is supposedly on its way.

  2. What a fun day! I would love to ride and walk my dogs at the same time! Wouldn't work though as Jimmy would try to chase the horses the whole time!

  3. Wow, that looks like a great day!

  4. Great pictures! We really enjoyed the mild weather yesterday. I wish we could have a few more days with temps in the 60's!

  5. Life with Dogs&CatsDecember 23, 2013 at 12:38 PM

    We were out walking in the woods in the 60+ degree weather too. It was a little muddy but lots of fun,

  6. I wish the warmer weather would have stuck around, mud and all!

  7. Yes we could have used a few more days of that weather!!

  8. I was amazed that the Collies and Shepherds don't try to chase the horses if we are on them (off is a different story). Now my friend has a black GSD that will jump up at the face of the horses, unnerves me, but the horses seem ok with it.

  9. Rain came in yesterday and brought colder weather today. Very damp and nasty! Could have a few more warmer days.

  10. Sounds like a nice few days. You took some great pictures. We had mischief in the form of ice. We only got a little because we were on the edge of the ice, but north they might be out of power through Christmas!

  11. Wow that mountain horse is sure BRAVE!!!

  12. What a beautiful day for a great adventure. That looks like a fantastic way to spend the day. Happy holidays!

  13. Wow. I can't believe the horses didn't hesitate to cross those bridges! Looks like you guys had a fun weekend. Teach is a great poser!