Saturday, December 14, 2013

Happy Anniversary to Teach's Blog

I just realized that yesterday was Tails of Teach's one year anniversary.  We started out last year on this blogging venture and I'm actually proud of myself for keeping it up.  Teach is proud of me too.  We had a lot of adventures last year and hopefully will have more next year as well.  Hope everyone has enjoyed our year!

Here is our Christmas Card picture that we sent out last week.  We had fun taking these.  It was all with a self timed camera and a toy to throw for Teach to look at.  The ones we didn't use are the most entertaining and maybe that will be another post.

So here's to another year!


  1. We have indeed enjoyed and very much look forward to more!

  2. Nice to meet you Teach! You are an attractive pup, and look fun-loving!

    -Livvie from

  3. Love it! What a great idea. And congratulations on your Blogaversary, it's a big deal!!

  4. Thanks!!! Its been a fun adventure.