Monday, September 30, 2013

Update on Roxy

Last Thursday I posted about Roxy getting attacked by a family member's dog.  She did fine at the vet office and was able to come home Thursday evening.  She ended up with stitches on her face and 4 drains.  Two in her stomach area, one on her neck, and one on her ear.  The vet said that the more they shaved the worse it looked.  Below are pictures ... I warn you she is pitiful looking and its a bit graphic!!  (I call her Franken-Corgi!)

This was after she came home from the vet Thursday evening
Friday morning

Saturday morning
Roxy came over to visit yesterday afternoon while our families had dinner.  With so many drains she can't be left alone long for fear she will mess with them.  With the neck drain she can't wear a cone of shame ... fortunate for her!  I'm happy to report she was her normal self there with the exception of drains and a naked body!  I think she is going to bounce back because Corgis are tough creatures.  She has always had some insecurities and dislike of other dogs so I hope that this episode doesn't make it worse.

My friend over at Dee's Quilt Therapy wrote a fantastic post on Friday about what all has gone on and mainly about pet owner responsibilities.  The main part I would like to share from it is this:

"It's all about responsibility. We have a generation of young people coming up who don't seem to understand the meaning of that word at all. In the case of pet ownership, your not just responsible for your actions, but also your pet's. Taking responsibly for a wrong doing can go a long way to healing the emotional wounds. If the other dog had received bite wounds like Roxy's then we would be calling this a dog fight not an attack and that would be a different story. A growl should not provoke the attack that caused the wounds you see above."  

Feel free to head over to Dee's blog and check it out.  Its very well written and gives you a little insight to what happened without having to regurgitate it all.


  1. Glad to hear that Roxy will be just fine. Such a shame that she had to go through all that.

  2. Poor sweet Roxy. Sorry to hear she had to go through this. I hope everything works out for you and your family. Glad to hear Roxy will be ok. Keep safe friends.

  3. Poor girl. I hope she continues to recover smoothly.

  4. Poor little Roxy. She looks very pathetic. I hope her recovery is quick and easy. She will feel better when the drains come out. I know I did. I could not wear a cone of shame when I was attacked either, because the bite was on my neck. Mom covered it with a bandage and a bandana. I looked very tough each day - kind of like a gang banger! Hang in there, Roxy! xoxo

    Love and licks,

  5. poor baby girl :( So glad she is doing better !

  6. Poor little thing. I'm glad she is feeling better and on her way to being her old self!

  7. We are so relieved about this. Poor Dee is living my nightmare. My heart goes out to her... Right now my hope is for Roxy to bear no emotional scars from such a trauma but I know she has wonderful friends like Teach to help her along.