Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Start of Fall

This past weekend we said good-bye to summer (a summer I don't think we really had) and welcomed Fall.  I love Fall and I think Teach does as well.  Temperatures cool down and leaves begin to drop.

Friday we started to do a hike when a rain storm started really dumping so we shortened up our hike and headed back to the car with plans to do the trail some other time this weekend.  It was perfect hiking weather after Friday and Saturdays rain storms moved through.  Brought cooler temps and clearer air (if that is such a thing).

Teach and I spent Saturday at the Begley Manor so his Uncle Dale could start on his Halloween Costume.  I won't share any pictures of that just yet (its not time) but I think it turned out really good.  Teach was an awesome model trying stuff on and off and taking time out to "check out" the kitties that reside there.  One spotted Bengal was really interested in him and he was interested in her.  One minute she was batting his face and the next minute she was rubbing against him.  Wish I could have snapped some pictures of it.

As I mentioned earlier Sunday was a great day for hiking so after getting all our chores done we took to the woods!  There was a trail at Little Beaver I had done a few times before but Randy had never done.  It takes you along the edge of the park and sits against Glade Springs Resort.  Below is a picture of the trail my App on my phone logged.

The trail was close to 4 miles.  There is a gap in it that you'll see that I didn't realize the app wasn't working until we had walked a little ways (the gap you see).  The red marker is where we started and stopped but didn't start picking up until the green.

Teach did wear his orange vest since it was close to dusk.  He was very visible.


All the times I've hiked at Little Beaver we hardly see anyone, let alone people with dogs.  This trip we saw 3 different people with dogs ... all of them off-leash.  Which I do let Teach off leash as well because we don't normally see anyone and when I do I immediately call him to me and grab his collar or attach the leash.  2 of the 3 we saw stuck with their owners and didn't have many issues.  There was one, however, Gypsy the Lab, that stuck with us for a little while and played with Teach.  After we met Gypsy's owner I realized we took an obedience class last spring with her and she was just a 1.5 years old and full of herself!  Needless to say her and Teach enjoyed racing around and playing.

The Stand-Off

The chase is on!

Where ya going we still need to play!

Hey guys you coming???
As I mentioned earlier this trail goes along the property of Glade Springs on the far side of the park.  Its a really nice housing development (gated).  I had to take pictures of Teach with it in the background.

Glade Spring in the background

You can see leaves changing in this one

A few years ago Laura and I came across this by accident and had to take pictures as well.  At the time I had my Lab, Katie and she had her Collie Oliver.  The house we saw this past weekend was just being constructed and the lake was fairly new looking.  Here are a few pictures from that trip.

This lake is in the background of Teach's picture ... hard to see. 

This house is across the lake that is probably completely obscured today with the trees.

This is the house in the background of Teach's picture above that is through the trees.  Its hard to see now. You can even see that the road around it was dirt/gravel.  

Hope you enjoyed the trip back in time like I did with these pictures ... LOL!!!


  1. Looks like a great place for a hike!

    Those are some fancy homes, that's for sure!

  2. What a great hike...I can feel Fall in your pictures and wish we had a git of it here right now...Gizmo and I are itching for a hike in cooler weather

  3. Nice hike! Fall and winter are favorite seasons at my house, too!

  4. Hi Rebecca, can you email me when you get a chance? I've got a couple questions for you.

  5. Wow, it's beginning to look a lot like fall over where you are. It still looks like summer over here, but it's cooling down. Teach looks great in high bright orange vest and I wish you took pictures of Teach and the Bengal kitten, too. I bet that was an adorable sight.