Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday Mischief: Holiday Weekend Happenings

Happy Labor Day everyone!  Hope you were able to get out an enjoy the last official weekend of summer.

We had a fairly busy weekend, but not totally relaxing.

Friday Teach and I were able to get over to our friends house for an evening horseback ride.

There are no dogs in this picture ... which is strange to see!!
Saturday Roxy came over and spent the day with us while the parents went to visit Teach's Aunt Susan.

Sharing couch space together

The "fun" started that day ... I say "fun" loosely.  On Friday the gas company came to replace our meter as part of the "replace every 15 years" thing.  Well ... apparently we had a small leak in the line that got gradually bigger after they replaced it and the smell of gas was very strong Saturday.  So that afternoon the gas company came back only to find out ... yes we had a leak.  So the rest of this weekend has been spent trying to get that fixed.  

Thankfully we had a great supervisor on the job.

And who would think that supervising would be so hard.

Hopefully it will be completely fixed tomorrow.  At least Teach hopes so ... he isn't sure he can do 3 days in a row!  He's sacked out on the floor right now.

And the last thing this weekend ... the calendar contest Teach had been entered in is officially over and Teach is officially "Mr. January".  It was highly competitive between him and Ryder, but Ryder (from All Things Collie) came out on top.  I said if we have to lose at least its to a beautiful Collie, so congrats to Ryder!!!

For anyone that will want a calendar stayed tuned until next week when the details are out.  Remember this is for a great cause to help a fellow Blogging Dog out.

Teach wanted to be sure and thank everyone that did vote for him.

That sums up our Monday Mischief.


  1. That's quite a weekend, you all! I can't help but chuckle at a smooth collie and a Pembroke corgi together being sort of like the East coast bizarro world of our West coast rough collie and cardigan corgi. I hope you have a nice boring week!

  2. 3 days work is hard for any dog!

  3. Supervising is hard work. Good job, Teach. I supervise my teenagers and they accuse me of being lazy and making them do all the work. Can you believe it?!?

  4. Congrats on winning the calendar contest!

    The gas company isn't going to try to charge you for all that leaked gas, are they?

  5. You're a great snoopervisor, Teach. Good work, buddy.

    Love and licks,

  6. Great post. Thanks so much for participating in our calendar contest and making it such a success! And congratulations to you and Teach, great job!!

    (I hope the gas leak is all fixed.)