Friday, June 7, 2013

Keeping Active on a Rainy Day

Today we finally got some rain which was really needed.  Our garden and flowers were looking rather parched.

But with the rain we get one bored Collie.  To keep Teach active and out of trouble I decided to break out the treat puzzle and the treat ball.  This works his mind and helps keep him active.  And a tired mind makes for a good Collie ... LOL!!!

The puzzle he got as a Christmas Present and took no time for him to figure out how to get the treats now.  When it comes out he dances around in anticipation for what is in it.

The treat ball has been around for years.  It was my first Corgi's, which is almost 20 years old.  He has played with this once before so took him a little bit to get the hang of it.  After I shot the video below he really got the hang of it and had it rolling through the whole house.  This is also a great way for him to get his dinner.

Now after about 30 minutes of doing these activities this is how we find Teach:

I did some videos to share with everyone.  Hope you enjoy!

We are participating in the FitDog Friday Blog Hop.


  1. Nice job on the treat toys Teach. We love these things. The treat balls are great, but they can make a racket on hardwood floors! Jack has managed to figure out how to unscrew the big one he has, he just manhandles it...pretty funny. But these are great mental challenges. Thanks for joining our Hop!

  2. That is a great treat ball! We love the rain here so we are able to get out and do walkies.

  3. I like those treat toys. I have one that I like to roll down the stairs and treats fly out every where! Wheeee!