Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fitdog Friday: Hiking on Long Point Trail in the New River Gorge

Just like about everywhere else on the east coast we had some storms/cold front push through Wednesday-Thursday night.  With that it brought a cold front so things were cooled off yesterday and made for perfect weather to get out there and get fit for Fitdog Friday!!

This trail is a hike out and back trail which equals close to 3 miles.  It goes along the ridge of the Gorge and comes out on a rock pinnacle with a spectacular view of the New River Gorge.

This is also a great vantage point on Bridge Day if you're ever in the area.  You will need some binoculars but its so fun to see jumpers from this vantage point.  I thought I had pictures on my external drive from when I went but I can't seem to find them.

When we got there a group of a few adults and about 5 kids started off in front of me.  They also had a poodle-type dog which they let run loose the whole time.  I let Teach loose on hikes when I know people aren't out but most of the time he is on a leash unless taking pictures.  I'm always concerned of people being upset about it and in most cases they are supposed to be on a leash.  And with these people instead of leashing their dog they just picked him up and carried him!!  Anyways ... I digress in my complaints ....

Of course we have pictures from our venture.  This is the first time Teach has had his backpack on since he got injured himself.  I wanted him to get muscle built back up before having to carry it again.  And this time he just carried my camera, keys, phone and his water bowl so it was a pretty light load for starting out.

Doesn't a Collie make the New River Gorge Bridge even better??
There was a nice group of people sitting taking in the views when we got there and offered to get a picture of Teach and I which was very nice of them to do.  Actually a good picture of us!  (He doesn't have his pack on this shot.  Even though it was not very hot and the pack wasn't heavy he still needed a break from it.)  The lady taking the picture even knew he was a Smooth Collie ... sure don't have that happen very often.  Most of the time we're a cross of some sort ... LOL!

We made it to the rock before the family with kids and once they came all peaceful-ness was over we headed back up the trail.  But not without a few more pictures and a water break.

A waterfall in the tress.  This is looking across the Gorge to an area we hiked at not along ago.

Resting before we start the climb out.

Always good to stop for a water break.

We are participating in Fitdog Friday hosted by SlimDoggy.

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