Friday, May 17, 2013

Spa Day and Short Hike at Grandview National Park

We have a dog show tomorrow so Teach went in for a spa day to get beautiful.  Took some pictures when we got home to show how shiny and sparkly he is now!!  I love spa day because it wears him our just as much as a long hike would!!

Gotta show our fluffy butt

Can you see the sparkles?

Can we please go in now?

The regal pose
After Teach napped for a little while and I came back from dinner it was still day light and so nice out I decided to go down the road to Grandview National Park (part of the New River Gorge National River) for a little hike, and of course more pictures.  There was a storm following the river so we pretty much had the park to ourselves.

View of the New River from the main overlook

Posing at the overlook

Such a happy boy smiling for the camera

Cool rock formation along the runnel trail

Heading up the rock steps

Going through a small tunnel along the trail.
Never did get any rain, but heard thunder about the whole time we were out.  Since it sounded so close we did keep the hike short.  Since we have the dog show tomorrow I didn't want him getting dirty!

We are joining in on Fit Dog Friday hosted by Peggy's Pet Place and SlimDoggy.


  1. Teach looks great- Teach is a fit and happy dog. Very cool rock tunnel.

    With love from SlimDoggy.

  2. First place! No need for any other pups to enter period!!! Love that place you visited and sooo jealous it's so close to you! Wow!

  3. Teach looks fantastic! So shiny and handsome.
    What a beautiful hike!

    Marquie, Lassie & Petal

  4. I love pets. Teach definitely a beautiful dog. Well thanks for nice pastures for Grandview National Park.

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