Monday, April 29, 2013

Riding Down Memory Lane

This past Friday Laura and I rode over to where she use to live.  Which is about 3 miles in the opposite direction of where she is now.  Her and her husband moved away from that farm in 2009 and had been there since 1998.  It was fun riding over and checking out the place yesterday.  So many memories.  The two horses and dogs we had never got the pleasure of living on that farm so it was new for them.

The farm now is in a sad state where no one lives there to care for things.  The tack room roof got blown off in a storm this past winter.  The kennel and barn look creepy with nothing in it ... at least we aren't checking to see if nothing is in it.  The house looks sad and the hay barn had the back part ripped off from a storm as well.

Me on Kahlua and Teach.  There is a pond to the left of us in the background

Laura on JB and Drummer

Laura on JB and Drummer

Teach showing off his muddy feet

We did see Jack standing with his cows and was nice to see he was still around.  He remembers when the West was Won!

Here are two pictures from the old place before they moved.  The one of just the hills side is looking from their house across the hill.  We were up on the hill behind that pine tree looking down in two of the above pictures of Laura and JB.
This is me on Bob and the Yellow Lab is Katie and Shepherd is Ursula.  Katie was my old Lab.  Both dogs are now gone. Bob is still around at 30+ years old.  This the pond you can't see in the picture of me and Kahlua.


  1. It's so nice seeing another blogger with a smooth collie!

    I haven't ridden in years, maybe someday!

    1. I also love seeing other bloggers with Smooths!!! They are so fun and I've gotten so many questions in the short time I've owned him what breed he is. Most people have no idea that Collies come in two varieties.

      We try and hit the trails at least once a week. The two best trail dogs we have are my guy and my friends Rough in these pictures.

  2. My gosh you live in such a stunning area!!! Wow! Glad you good to have some good times with your friend, nice to ride down memory lane sometimes :). Wow, Teach muddy footed? That's not the normal regalness I usually see front him! Teach is full of surprises!