Monday, February 25, 2013

Glade Creek Hiking

This weekend was so nice and brought signs that spring isn't far away (even if we are getting snow later this week).  Sunday Randy and I packed up Teach and went down to Glade Creek ( to hike along the trail there.

It was a bit chilly with the wind, but still a very pretty day.  Had Teach pose for pictures along the way, of course.  And at one point he decided to have a hyper fit and fell into the creek.  He was a bit horrified that it happened ... wished I had got it on video!!  We had the place to ourselves, and passed someone almost back at the car, perfect timing.  Teach loved being able to explore.  Can't wait for the nicer weather to stick around so we can do some more hiking along the area trails.  I know its a lot of pictures, but its hard to figure out which ones to share ... so I shared just about all of them!  LOL!!


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  1. Wow, Teach sure is beautiful! Do you live in West Virgina? That scenery is AMAZING!! I want to come live there!!! Goregeous!!!