Monday, January 21, 2013

Tails of Photoshop

I recently acquired a photoshop program and I've had so much fun learning new things with it.  Yesterday I went to the Little Beaver State Park with my friend Laura.  We had to get some pictures at the waterfall of our dogs.  (On a side note Teach is still a bit gimpy on his back left leg where he strained his cruciate ligament so he is on leash walking only.  Its been tough keeping him calm even on a leash, but he still wants to go and a person wouldn't even know there is a problem watching him try and play.  Hopefully in the next week or so things will heal up and he can be a free Collie on our walks.)

Below I'm going to list the original pictures and then what I did with photo shop to filter/enhance them.  Let me know what ones you like best.

Original Photo
Warming Filter and Equalizer Filter and Texture to make it look like a canvas

Equalizer Only


Red Filter and Equalizer Filter

Warming Filter and Equalizer

Auto Enhance - where photoshop does it all for you with one click

Warming Filter and Auto Enhance


Auto Enhance

Warming Filter and Auto Enhance

Warming Filter, Auto Enhance and Texture to make it look like a canvas

I've had so much fun for the past few months changing/altering pictures.  Let me know what you think of each one.  I can't decide which one is my favorite ...  hence why I posted all of them for you to look at!!  ENJOY!

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